We are conscious of continuous need to maintain and improve capacity as well as meet quality certification. In this respect we continue to invest heavily in all our services.

Solar Power Systems

At Lumitex Energy Limited we believe that solar power is arguably the cleanest, most reliable form of renewable energy available. From this belief we identified a great need for portable, containerised power systems for use in some of the harshest and most remote locations in Kenya and around the world.
We had a desire to provide a rapidly deployable, containerised, renewable and sustainable power solution for remote locations without mains grid connection or for those reliant on expensive diesel-fuelled power generation while ensuring reliability and that maximum financial payback is multiplied for the long-term.
We are creating a future in which energy is sustainable, distributed, and portable, by manufacturing rapidly deployable solar generators in 20ft shipping containers. Our unique combination of renewable and conventional energy generation with battery backup provides a clean, reliable, and cost effective alternative to fossil fuel generation for off-grid and grid-tied energy consumers. With customers ranging from Government to Private sector and NGO's,our containers can bring clean, reliable energy; anywhere.

Solar Lighting

Solar powered lighting is the modern solution to all sorts of applications where night illumination of open areas is required. One common application is street lighting, both for municipal and private estates, though the lights have many other applications including factory yards, car parks, school compounds etc where reliable night time illumination is required for vision or security. Due to the energy required by incandescent bulbs solar power has not previously been viable, but with the development of reliable LED bulbs, which use about 5% the energy of equivalent incandescent types, solar power is now a cost effective and reliable alternative to mains supply. Our range of street lighting systems are completely self contained, requiring no electricity line extensions and are maintenance-free, making them ideal for locations where utility power is unavailable or uneconomic

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heating Technologies are simple, reliable and cost-effective method of harnessing the sun's energy. Demand for Solar energy has increased exponentially in recent years as heating, cooling and energy costs continue to skyrocket. Lumitex Energy Limited can help you with fitting a solar water heating system both pressurized & non-pressurized to meet your specific needs, allowing you to realize immediate energy cost savings, lock in your long term energy costs, and helping protect our environment. Our Solar Water Heating systems are best-engineered systems designed for individual household & commercial purposes.They are able to deliver as much as 60% of a home’s typical hot water demand over the year.

Back up Power Systems

From simple backup power to stand alone emergency systems, we offer a range of maximum power output and power system run time. The rated output of the inverter determines the maximum power and the size of the battery bank determines the system run time.
The systems designed to keep critical circuits powered in the event of a utility power failure. The batteries are kept fully charged by utility/solar power when power is available. When the power drops out, the inverter automatically transfers those critical circuits to battery power. When the utility power comes back on, it automatically switches the loads back and recharges the battery bank. In short, the system is designed to automatically keep your critical circuits live, when utility power fails.

Maintenance And Servicing

Although installing a solar energy production system may seem as a long and complicated process, Lumitex Energy Limited enables you to produce efficient and environmental energy with peace of mind. In addition to fitting and installation, our services include taking care of all of the bureaucratic aspects that have to do with the installation as well:
Compatibility test held by an engineer.
Acquiring the necessary permits.
Electrician examination.
Representation facing the electric company.

Additional Services

Contact us for a quote for your solar system or expert's help in choosing the correct system for your home or business requirements.

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Installation 100%
Solar Water Heaters 95%
Solar Lighting98%
Back-up Power Systems 96%
Maintenance & Servicing95%


In Kenya, power distribution and availability of uninterrupted power supply is an issue. Lumitex Energy Limited offers a range of inverters and home UPS to choose from. Lumitex Energy Limited power backup solutions goes a step further in bringing quality back-up power supply for unhindered performance during power-cuts.Get our range of solutions exclusively designed for homes and businesses.






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